Waste Services


Extensive Experience

Martex Fiber can use its extensive experience with textile waste management to help you organize the waste from your textile mill. By using Martex Fiber for your waste services you can be assured that your waste will be picked up when you need it to be, letting your focus on your business instead of your waste. And since Martex Fiber is a recycling company, you can rest assured that all of the waste we purchase will be recycled. We can work with you to create a customized waste management plan to suit your needs, whether it is a trailer pickup or a full-service solution. We recycle over 160 million pounds of textile waste per year, and are capable of servicing large volumes of industrial textile waste, making Martex Fiber the perfect partner for your business.



All-Inclusive Waste Service

Martex Fiber’s waste management services allow you to spend less time focusing on your waste. With our all-inclusive waste services, we can help by collecting all of the waste produced within your mill, including cardboard or metal. Martex Fiber will even ensure the recycling of all recyclable non-textile waste. This option allows our customers to focus completely on their business, while Martex Fiber manages their waste flow.

With over 40 years of experience in waste management, Martex Fiber is ready and able to partner with you in recycling your waste while maximizing your revenue.



Trailer Service

If you are looking for a simpler solution that gives you more control over your waste, our trailer service is perfect for you. With our large trailer fleet, Martex Fiber can arrange collection of your waste. We can either leave a trailer at your dock and pick it up when it is full, or send a truck when you have a load accumulated. By selling your waste to Martex Fiber instead of sending it to the landfill, you can be assured that not only are you increasing your sustainability, you are also maximizing your revenue.

With over 40 years of experience and around one hundred trailers, Martex Fiber is ready and able to collect your textile waste.



In-Plant Service

If you are looking for a full-service solution to your textile waste management, Martex Fiber can place one of our employees inside your mill to handle all of your waste management. This option is best for facilities with large waste streams that prefer not to focus on their waste management. With this option, you will always have Martex Fiber on hand to help ensure that your waste is handled properly.

By placing a Martex Fiber employee inside your mill, Martex Fiber commits to partnering with you on your waste management and maximizing your revenues, truly ensuring that you can focus elsewhere.



Waste Management Training

Many textile mills can increase revenues from their waste by making small changes in the way they manage their waste stream. If you are looking to improve your waste management processes and maximize revenues from your waste stream, Martex Fiber can work with you to help you improve. We can help you learn how to manage your waste stream to increase the quality of the waste as a raw material, thereby improving the value of your waste.

See below on how Martex Fiber can help you with your revenue maximizing efforts.



Revenue Maximizing

One of the greatest benefits of recycling your textile waste with Martex Fiber is the revenue maximizing effects. By recycling with Martex Fiber, our suppliers no longer have to pay to have their waste hauled to landfill. But even better, Martex Fiber may pay to purchase the waste as a raw material for recycling. Through our waste services and waste management training, we always help our suppliers organize their waste so they can get the maximum revenue from it, which in turn creates improved raw material for our recycling processes.

Recycling your waste with Martex Fiber can benefit your bottom line!