Martex Fiber Southern Corp. and Bollag International Corp. Form Strategic Alliance

Published on July 1, 2009 in General

Martex Fiber Southern Corp. and Bollag International Corp., Pioneers of Textile Recycling, Form Strategic Alliance to Meet Intensifying Demands for a Greener World

Two innovative leaders in collecting and processing new textile waste combine their market experience to create strong economies of scale and solve evolving demands for recycling in the dynamic eco-conscious marketplace.

These global industry leaders in textile recycling have created a strategic service agreement to jointly share their expertise to facilitate collections and meet growing textile recycling needs.   Through this strategic alliance, Martex Fiber and Bollag International — which each offer textile recycling and waste removal services for cut and sew operations as well as for knitters, weavers, spinners, nonwoven manufacturers and fiber producers — will jointly service producers  in the US as well as the CAFTA region of Central America.

Together, Bollag and Martex Fiber join their proven track records and more-than 100 years combined global business experience to establish unparalleled levels of service and sales for customers throughout the world who seek “greener” textile products, improved “carbon footprints” and services that “close the loop”.

“This strategic alliance represents an exciting and substantial win-win, not only for our companies but more significantly for our vendors, customers and potential customers around the world who are more and more committed to sustainability,” commented Jimmy Jarrett, co-founder and president of Martex Fiber. “The world is changing and our vendors and clients are looking at how they can become more eco-friendly – recycle all their textile waste grades and also utilize components and supplies made from recycled materials. The synergies between Bollag and Martex make us immensely qualified to help future thinking companies. It provides our customers with the innovative solutions that meet all their current-day challenges for achieving carbon footprint reduction.”

Jointly, Martex Fiber and Bollag International collect, process and recycle more than 175 million pounds of new textile waste annually.

The two organizations serve many of the world’s most recognized textile and apparel manufacturers, retailers, automotive companies and nonwovens producers throughout the world.

“With the obvious synergies created through this strategic venture, the possibilities for our diverse array of customers are truly limitless,” said Mitchel Bollag, President of Bollag International. “Combined, we’ll have greater capabilities than virtually anyone in this hemisphere to recycle all types of waste streams, thanks to our diversified sales outlets, our longevity and the scope and breadth of both our collection operations.  Our main value to our suppliers will be the use of local Bollag operations and the company’s great ability to sort and grade textile by-products.  Martex Fiber expands our capability by adding their ability to process the materials into useful eco-friendly end products and yarn.”

With headquarters in Spartanburg, SC, Martex Fiber continues to expand its operations so that it can better process the waste collections into fiber products utilized in industrial applications such as pads, fill, non-wovens and papermaking –some of the biggest users of reprocessed textiles.  Martex Fiber, founded in 1970, is a well established leader in recycling new textile waste into baled soft fiber. Textile waste recycled by Martex Fiber is also increasingly sought in the development of emerging “LEED” certified green building materials and non-woven wipe applications.  In these industries, traditional materials can be up-cycled with environmentally conservative materials, often at a lower cost.

The array of materials to be handled by Bollag International and Martex Fiber include cotton, polyester, polypropylene, rayon, acrylic, nylon and aramid fibers. The combined product offerings include reprocessed fiber, waste by-products and wiping products throughout North, Central and South America.  Martex Fiber’s Jimtex Yarns subsidiary produces open-end spun yarns that are made predominantly from recycled new pre-consumer textile cutting waste.  This operation, based in Lincolnton GA, offers a domestic yarn source for apparel, fabric and industrial companies seeking economical eco-friendly options.

Bollag International Corp. traces its origins to Zurich, Switzerland in 1933, and is now headquartered in Charlotte, NC.  Bollag is a pioneer and expert in the purchase and sale of textile fibers and by-products for customers in yarn spinning, non-woven fabrics and pads and other industrial applications. The corporation handles tens of millions of pounds per year of fibers, yarns, cuttings and mill wastes, including synthetic staple fibers and tow, high-tenacity, textured and other yarns, cotton, polyester, acrylic and wool cuttings and nylon. The company has facilities in North America, Mexico, and Central America and distributes world-wide, focusing on the Americas as well as Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Bollag International, through its subsidiary Intex D.I.Y. Inc., also produces and distributes innovative packaged wiping rags made from cut and sew factory remnants, micro-fiber products and textiles for a wide range of cleaning, polishing and painting applications. Its customers include some of the most prominent and well-known home improvement, paint and automotive parts retailers in the world.  As a result of the new alliance, Intex D.I.Y. Inc. will now offer an expanded array of products under the ECO-Wiper™ label, a trademark of Martex Fiber.

Harry Matusow, President of Jimtex Yarns said, “our relationship with Bollag not only presents significant economies of scale for our customers, but it also solidifies our already sturdy supply chains, and clearly paves the way for new, exciting offerings such as an expanded color palette of recycled yarns and other 360 degree products, where our customers actually make a product out of the yarn generated from their own cutting waste.  The bottom line is that our established customers will reap cost-savings benefits that go hand-in-hand with sustainability.”

Together, Martex Fiber Southern Corp and Bollag International possess the infrastructures to meet all their customers and vendors needs — now and well into the future.

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