360° Recycling Process


Martex Fiber’s unique process allows for a full 360° recycling of textile waste. From manufacturing waste through post-consumer recycled fiber, Martex Fiber takes textiles full-circle.

  • Through our waste services division, Martex Fiber brings in textile waste from a wide variety of textile manufacturing sources. This material is sorted by type, fiber content and color, depending on the end use.
  • Once sorted, the material is machined into high-quality reclaimed fiber that can be used for a variety of nonwovens and spinning applications.
  • The Jimtex Yarns division spins fiber blends of the high-quality reclaimed fiber to create its innovative line of cotton-rich yarns.The yarn can then be used to create upholstery fabric, apparel or hosiery.
  • Our Brownsville division takes in post-consumer textile waste to create reclaimed fiber for nonwovens and various filling applications.